The Big Team

Our staff are full time employees, many of whom are enrolled in an ABA graduate program. Also, in order to be system-wide, the CABAS® approach is applied to the whole organization. Therapists are taught to be scientists, decision-makers and leaders. All are working through a set of individualized modules set up by Columbia University. BIG therapists receive intensive training, and their skills are assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure that standards are maintained. Staff training is an integral part of the CABAS® system, which believes that investing in the staff is investing in the child’s future. CABAS® research has shown a direct correlation between the expertise of the instructional personnel and the eventual outcome for children.

Cassie Bradford, Clinic Director / Supervisor
Renee Cole, Clinic Director / Supervisor
Dr. Grant Gautreaux, CABAS® Consultant & Senior Behavior Analyst / Assistant Research Scientist
Dr. Derek Shanman, CABAS® Consultant & Associate Behavior Analyst
Donyelle Clark, Senior Supervisor
Kakie Fontenot, Senior Supervisor
Katie Jenkins, Senior Supervisor
Julie Mendes de Gouveia, Supervisor
Anna Sturgeon, Supervisor
Sarah Hebert, Supervisor
Khylee Miller, Supervisor
Ashley Thorgeson, Instructional Support Therapist 
Sonia Dudgaonkar, Lead Therapist with LBA
Kimberley West, Lead Therapist with LBA
Danyelle Hodges, Lead Therapist 
Celia Charles, Lead Therapist
Erin Wiltse, Lead Therapist
Kourtney Gautreaux, Lead Therapist
Kaylie Krepinevich, Lead Therapist 
Lanie Chiquet, Lead Therapist
Kim Clark, Nurse Practitioner


Amber Washington
Brittany Bonin
Cameron Brandt
Crystal Blanchard

Courtney Williamson
Emily Miller
Kelsi Walker

Letitia Hester
Megan Blanchard
Trinese Hall


Abbye McDonald
Alexandra Dupree
Amber Shepard
Beau Marabella
Benjamin LeDoux
Breland Sylve
Chris White
Courtney Kissinger
Courtney Seals
Danielle Thomas

Darrick Bell
Dylan Zepeda
Eukira Hunter
Gency Vallery
Heather Vaughn
Jada Taylor
Kadijah Hoard
Katelyn Schrimsher
Katherine Lirette
Kristen Breland

La'Tasha Frazier
Lin Schexnayder
Morgan Silvey
Payal Patel
Petra Antoine
Priya Talati
Rosarielle Jamison
Sara Fontenot
Shaquawna Fleming
Shay Shivers

Steven Okoye
Sydney Walls
Tammy Wray
Taylor Meche
Tiffany Stelly
Toni Cambre
Tracy Malone
Whitney Abadie


Jeni Greeson, Office Administrator
Bill Abraham, Chief Financial Officer 
Dina Tortorich, Insurance Coordinator
Jill Achberger, Receptionist
Ashton Mancuso, Senior Supervisor Administrator
Kimberly Clark, Nurse Practitioner
Amber White, Medical Assistant
Morgan Shiver, Office Assistant