Academic Tutoring


For students struggling in their school classrooms or those who have gaps in a particular subject, BIG offers individualized Academic Tutoring sessions to help them reach their goals. BIG's Academic Tutoring will help students who are performing low in their grade level learn how to monitor and manage their learning tasks, ultimately growing in academic independence. 

Tutoring is overseen by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with experience in individualized curriculum design. When necessary, we select curriculum that supplements the child’s school based curriculum. In BIG’s Academic Tutoring sessions, our data-based decision protocol ensures learning occurs for each and every child. Custom instruction and interventions are built upon the principles of ABA, allowing for research-based tactics that are proven to lead to success. We measure progress and ultimate success by a transition back into the child’s school curriculum.

Tutoring is conducted one-on-one and is based on the learning needs of the child. All state and national curricula is aligned with state standards and/or with the Common Core.

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