Our enrollment process is designed to make each child’s – and parent’s – introduction into the BIG program go as smoothly as possible, with minimum stress and worry.

Comprehensive ABA Program

In our Comprehensive ABA Program, we teach children on the autism spectrum the skills necessary to learn from their natural environment in the same manner that typically developing children do. 

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Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten

BIG's Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten Program is a full-time, year-round ABA therapy program, designed for children ages 3-5 who have been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder (such as ODD or ADHD), a communication disorder or language delay, or have other behavior problems and are unable to function effectively in a typical preschool or kindergarten classroom.

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Supplementary Services

BIG’s Supplementary Services enhance children's skills and behaviors in social settings, classroom settings and at home. These services include Social Skills Groups, Academic Tutoring, Parent Coaching and School-Based Services.

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