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Core Services

Because we believe effective autism intervention is not a "one-for-all" program, we treat each child differently. When students come to BIG, they will be assessed and placed into one of our core programs depending on the results of their assessment, their needs and their age. Our core programs - Comprehensive ABA and Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten - both provide full-day ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) instruction, giving each student the opportunity to find his or her path to grow on.

Our Comprehensive ABA Program includes classrooms designed for children who have an autism diagnosis. This program focuses on teaching them the necessary skills they will need to function successfully in a classroom setting. It also includes our Early Learner Classrooms for our youngest students. 

Students without an autism diagnosis but who may be struggling in school or in social atmospheres can be placed in our Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten program. In these classrooms, they will receive ABA therapy full-time with the goal of transitioning back into a regular school.

Supplementary Services

BIG also offers a variety of supplementary services to enhance children's skills and behaviors in social settings, classroom settings and at home. 

Social Skills Groups use ABA therapy to focus on specific social skills such as friendship, group interactions and peer conflict and aim to help the student better express his/her thoughts and feelings in their everyday environments.

BIG also offers Academic Tutoring sessions for students with learning gaps or who may be struggling in a particular school subject. These sessions are built upon the principles of ABA and provide research-back methods that ultimately lead to our goal of improving the student’s academic functioning in his/her school and home setting. 

For further information on our full-time programs and our supplementary services, click on the links above, call us at (225) 757-8002 or send an email to info@big-br.com.