Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten


BIG's Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten program is a full-time, year-round ABA therapy program, designed for children ages 3-5 who have been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder (such as ODD or ADHD), a communication disorder or language delay, or have other behavior problems and are unable to function effectively in a typical preschool or kindergarten classroom. Our goal is to provide these students the tools they need to be successful and reintegrate into a typical kindergarten or first grade classroom. To do so, we place them in classrooms with other typical peer models to provide positive peer interactions, demonstrate play skills and model appropriate language behavior.

We encourage our students to strive for BIG success each day. Children in this program participate in a number of social settings including field trips, classroom parties and on-campus activities to apply the skills learned at BIG in natural settings. By continually challenging them and adapting our program, we help prepare each child for typical learning and social environments.

Skills nurtured throughout the program include:

  • Communication and language skills

  • Academic skills

  • Pre-reading and early reading skills

  • Social skills

  • Ready-to-learn behaviors

  • Self-management skills

Other features of the Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten Program include:

  • Monthly parent training sessions

  • Quarterly progress reports

  • Quarterly parent conferences

The payment for Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten is tuition-based.


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