Early Intervention for Pre-K and Kindergarten

The Pre-K and Kindergarten years are an important time in a child’s development. During these years, personalities are being formed and learning is constantly increasing. Through educational experiences, play and social interactions, each child is becoming more and more themselves. 

In these early years, kids acquire crucial social, cognitive, and physical skills that will allow them to explore and make sense of their worlds. In addition to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, they’re learning how to communicate effectively, get along in groups, set and achieve goals, manage their impulses, make choices, and so much more.

For many little ones, this process unfolds as a natural progression and expansion. However, it’s not unusual for some to need extra help in one or more of these areas. This can be true whether or not they have a formal diagnosis of autism, ODD, ADHD, or other behavioral or developmental challenges. 

Unfortunately, well-meaning parents and teachers may rely on strategies that make the situation more difficult—for instance, some may treat developmental issues as discipline problems, or the child may experience a series of negative classroom peer interactions. Because of these issues, the child learns to associate school with frustration and disappointment, further compounding the problem. 

Early intervention by trained specialists can make a huge difference. Fortunately, expert help is available here in the Red Stick region.

Behavioral Intervention Group (BIG) understands the concerns of parents as they see their kids struggle or lag behind others in their age group. More importantly, BIG understands kids and can provide a broad spectrum of intensive support, including help with the following: 

  • Communication and language skills

  • Academic skills

  • Pre-reading and early reading skills

  • Social skills

  • Ready-to-learn behaviors

  • Self-management skills

BIG offers a full time (Mon-Fri), year-round program designed for children ages 3-5 who may find it challenging to function in a typical preschool classroom. This program aims to provide them with the necessary tools to be successful in a typical learning environment so that they can be reintegrated and thrive along with their peers.

BIG is CABAS®-accredited—the only learning center in the Gulf South with this distinction. CABAS® (or Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling) is a research-driven approach that is built on a proven teaching system tailored for each individual. CABAS® ensures that learning occurs for each child according to his/her unique needs and abilities. 

While BIG’s approach is based on science, play is at the center. BIG uses a full range of activities to engage a child’s mind and give them an opportunity to practice the skills that they have acquired. This can be done through toy play, games, art, music, movement, classroom parties and on-campus events..

BIG is now accepting applications for their full-day Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten. This program also includes support for parents through ongoing parent training sessions, quarterly progress reports and parent conferences.

Read more about Developmental Pre-K/Kindergarten here, or call us at 225-757-8002 for more information.