Whether it’s from a parent, grandparent, teacher, or caretaker, we cherish the positive feedback we receive from the families we serve. For us, these personal reflections provide support and affirmation that we are accomplishing our mission. Below are just a few…

We were so excited to see immediate improvements within the first month of our daughter’s therapists working with her at BIG, and it has only continued to improve. Our daughter’s overall willlingness to learn, her attentiveness, her behavior, and her capabilities have improved greatly. In addition to her daily care, our friends at BIG have been proactive in assisting with our insurance concerns and are actively involved with finding the best schedule and resources for our daughter.
— CD
It has been an amazing experience since we first started this journey with our friends at BIG. Watching our daughter change from the unsocial child who had a hard time communicating into the princess/diva who is able to express (or better yet demand) her wants, needs, and feelings and who is now a social butterfly has really been incredible! The sky isn’t even the limit for my little one!
— CB
The “Wh-“ questions are probably the thing that has made and will continue to make an immediate and dramatic difference in our home life … to go from tantrums of frustration to using words to ask where something is makes an enormous difference. I told Cassie I’ve been waiting about three years for my son to ask me a question, any question, I don’t care what it is. I could count on one hand the number of questions he had asked me before starting at BIG. In the last week, he has quadrupled that, and quadrupled it again last night. Most of it is “where” questions, but we’ll take that!
— AB
We received some awesome news today. It turns out our son can read – and not just sight words – he can sound things out as well. For those of you who don’t know, up until January of this year, our son was a non-verbal, not potty-trained little boy with autism. Since he began attending BIG on January 3, he is speaking, he is completely potty-trained and now he is reading. We have done a lot (and I mean a ton) of therapies … but these people at BIG know what they are doing. If you have a child with Autism, seek them out. They know their stuff, they totally rock and my boy loves them!
— CH